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The Albert Company Licenses Every Song Title Ever Recorded
With quotes in minutes, not days or weeks.  No Forms. No Waiting.the beatles

From Irving Berlin to Sinatra.... from Pit Bull to Maroone 5...from Beatles to Broadway, The Albert Company is recognized as the world's largest supplier of Popular Music

From Local, Regional, National and Worldwide campaigns... to simple corporate videos.... The Albert Company is the single, most professional and most respected popular music licensing source in advertising. the rolling stones

Every day, when you hear a popular song behind a radio or television commercial, there's a good chance it was negotiated and acquired by The Albert Company.

Whether you need a re-record or original artist, The Albert Company is the largest and most respected source of music rights for advertising use in existence.  We make it happen.

One look at our logo and it's clear that we get you the stars that you want. Our Brad Pitt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Sarah Jessica Parker deals have pretty pictures to grab your attention, but the other part of our logo is equally important. We license every piece of music you need, like "Taking Care of Business" for Office Depot and "Let Me Entertain You" for Discovery Channel.  In fact, even when you take your kids to Chuck E. Cheese, do you know that every single song those characters sing and play (including "Happy Birthday"!) was licensed for them by The Albert Company?   And it has been that way for years and years.

Unlike record companies and music publishers, The Albert Company is not limited to providing only a small list of songs. We license every piece of music ever recorded.  And The Albert Company represents only you, your interests, and your valued clients... whether your requirement is use of an original master recording, a re-record by your own agency-chosen music company, or bringing in a celebrity artist for a re-record.

Expertise is understanding how to work complex approval issues and make them simple (like Adam Levine being happy with Samsung commercials); how to work with authors who think of their songs as their children (like having Paul McCartney love Verizon commercials); knowing when and how to be tough in negotiations; knowing what is going on daily in the ever-changing recording and publishing industries; and knowing how to optimally buy every song title and every artist. Music licensing, properly executed, is not accomplished by calling publishers/record companies asking, "Hi, my name is so and so with such and such Advertising... how much would 'fill-in-the-blank' cost?"

When we added Karen Miller from EMI Music, where she literally taught the music industry how to negotiate, we enabled future projects like Ford's "Start Me Up" by the Rolling Stones… and getting Draft Worldwide/Verizon's "All Together Now" by The Beatles. The negotiations worked smoothly and cost effectively. Karen, now President of our Music Division, works with every Albert Company client to ensure delivery to them of music from Sinatra to Gershwin to Fresh Prince.

We would be happy to talk with you about your future music needs. And please don't hesitate to call us with questions. There's never a fee for inquiries.

The Albert Company makes things happen.