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The Albert Company is the world's largest and most respected supplier for all Celebrity Talent and Popular Music.

We work with top international, regional and local advertisers and their agencies to get them the talent, music and properties they require.  And we make things happen.

For every need (spokespersons, television, celebrity-based branded entertainment, print, voice-overs, personal appearances, tour sponsorships, music rights licensing), we will save you an enormous amount of time and money.

There are no fees for inquiries. So do not hesitate to call us early in the initial creative stages. We provide accurate quotes...in hours, not days or weeks. We then handle all negotiations, from strategy straight through to contracts.

The Albert Company is the only resource you need to make talent and music searches and acquisitions easy.  On complex deals with major celebrities or major music titles, we truly make things happen. 

When Rolex wanted Brad Pitt for Japan, they called us to make the initial contacts, negotiate the terms, and make the deal happen. When Publicis first presented Sarah Jessica Parker to Garnier, they already knew talent availabilities and fees because they called The Albert Company early in the process.  And during production, both the agency and Sarah Jessica remarked that when The Albert Company was present, things happen, smoothly.  The Albert Company has literally kept countless complex deals together, keeping them productive and with all parties pleased.

What's the possibility of getting Donald Trump and Joe Pesci for a local campaign? The New York City Opera asked us and they got them.

When Dustin Hoffman was involved in litigation, only one talent expert was called by him, The Albert Company's Founder and CEO, Jon Albert.  Why? Because we are the experts when it comes to celebrity talent.  And because of over 36 years being the industry leader in all phases of talent and music, The Albert Company has the clout, connections and reputation to make things happen for you.  No one, anywhere, in any company, any agency, in any position, has the decades-long record of The Albert Company to make the impossible happen for advertising agencies and their clients.

When you hear a popular song behind a Radio or TV commercial, it's likely it was negotiated and acquired by The Albert Company, because we license every music title ever recorded.

the rolling stonesThe Albert Company stands as the largest single most respected source of music rights in existence.  That's why Office Depot came to The Albert Company for "Taking Care of Business"... because we do.

For both re-record and master use rights. From Gershwin to The Beatles, from Christina to Lady Gaga to 50 Cent, from General Market to Hispanic to African-American, your single source for every music need.

                                 Talent, Music.. We make things happen for you.