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Brad Pitt for ROLEX Japan




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Fees are applicable only when any negotiations on your behalf are successful. There are no fees for projects and counsel that stay at the 'how much will this cost' stage and do not move forward. Always feel free to call with new projects, with questions, for quotes, availabilities, advice and counsel."Taking Care of Business" song negotiated for Office Depot by Albert Company

There is never a fee for inquiries.  And our experience in negotiating with celebrity talent and with music publishers, artists and record companies assures you the lowest possible talent and music costs and most advantageous contracts. Over 600 advertising agencies already know The Albert Company 'saves' far more than we 'cost'. (Please ask us for references. There are many clients we have had for almost 30 years.)   For corporate clients and major advertising agencies and holding companies we can arrange varying  fee structures to meet their unique needs.
Wal-MartŪ                Swiffer                         
The Albert Company's experience on behalf of advertisers and agencies means never having to call talent agents, talent managers, music publishers, record companies or any other source for anything in the entertainment industry.


The Albert Company contracts literally set the industry standard. The Albert Company
'Betty Boop', Katie Holmes & Martin Sheen
Betty Boop, Katie Holmes & Martin Sheen prepares documents for review by your own legal staff or attorney in very understandable language. This is all included in our standard fee.

A large percentage of  U.S. advertising agencies currently call us. Unlike talent agents and music publishers/record companies, we are not limited to providing only a small list of talent or songs.  And we negotiate solely on behalf of the advertiser, no one else. Only The Albert Company represents you and your interests. We truly are Your Full-Service Celebrity and Music Partner.

We take the responsibility of delivering celebrity talent and popular music rights for our clients very seriously. We know that campaign success and agency/client relationships can depend upon how well the initial contact, the negotiations, contracts and final production are handled.

The world's most prominent talent agencies, talent managers, attorneys, music publishers and record companies, have the highest respect for The Albert Company.  Ask them.
Sara Jessica Parker in her 7th year for NUTRISSE
We have the broadest experience and knowledge of what celebrity and music pricing is, and should be. We literally set the standards. For our ad agency and advertiser clients that translates into service, accuracy and trust. We look forward to working for you. 

From the Stones to Rap - No one licenses more music for clients than The Albert Company