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Chronological Selected (Partial) Case List 1988 - 2014

case name / representing / law firm
Bette Midler v Ford Midler Edletein Laird Sobel
Chuck Woolery v Blue Coral Blue Coral Baker Hostetler McCurchen
Jack Nicholson v NEC Nicholson Mitchell Silberberg Knupp
Vanna White v Samsung Samsung Pillsbury Madison Sutro
Toho Co (Godzilla) v Honda Toho Co Greenberg Glusker Fields
Tom Cruise v Phillips Cruise Greenberg Glusker Fields
Nelson v Loni Anderson Anderson Gibson Dunn Crutcher
"LIVE" v Iomega Iomega Frankel & Adams
Jon Lovitz v Showtime Showtime McDermott Will & Emery
Jimmy Smits v Mercedes Benz Smits Lavely & Singer
Muhammed Ali v Telecom Ali Mitchell Silberberg Knupp
Rodney Dangerfield v InetSvc Dangerfield Christensen Miller
Chuck D v Heilmen Brewery Heilman Lester Schwab Katz
Hedy Lamarr v Corel Lamarr McDonnell Trial Lawyers
Kareem Abdul Jabar v Oldsmobile Oldsmobile Pillsbury Madison Sutro
Don Henly v Dillards Henly Wolin Ridley & Miller
Bill Medly & Jennifer Warnes v Sandals Resorts Medley et al Glassman Browning Saltsman
Reggie Jackson v Major League Baseball Major League Baseball Howard Rice Atty's
Dustin Hoffman v LA Magazine Hoffman Greenberg Glusker Fields
Dick Clark v America Online Clark Pillsbury Madison Sutro
Pamela Anderson Lee v IEG Lee Masry & Vititoe
Sugar Hill Gang v Snapple Sugar Hill Gang Cinque & Cinque
Usher Raymond v Tommy Hilfiger Raymond Goldberg Scott Belfield
  Bloodstone v Anheuser Busch Bloodstone Greenberg Glusker Fields
Universal Music v Mazda Mazda Hall Dickler Kent Goldstein & Woods
Jennfier Aniston v Man's World Publications Aniston Lavely & Singer
  Chubby Checker v Norm Thompson Catalog Thompson Co Wolf Block & Schorr
  Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman v. Sephora Cruise/Kidman Greenberg Glusker Fields
  Saul Zaentz Co ("One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" v Sprint Saul Zaentz Co Paul N. Halvonik Atty
  Mayf Nutter v Clear Channel Communications Clear Channel Reed Smith
  Chuck Wepner v Sylvester Stallone Sylvester Stallone Pryor Cashman
  Callaway Golf v Screen Actors Guild Screen Actors Guild Bush Gottlieb et al
  Valli v Valli Valli Jaffe & Clemens
  Gary Stevens v Southern States Southern States Kaufman & Canoles
  Teri Hatcher v Hydroderm Hydroderm Robert Heller Law
  50 Cent v Taco Bell 50 Cent Reed Smith
  Woody Allen v American Apparel   Consultant to Defendant   Travelers Insurance
  Chuck Yeager v AT&T   Yeager   De La Pena & McDonald
  Michelle Pfeiffer, Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock, Diane Keaton, Kate Hudson and Mandy Moore v CompUSA   Plaintiffs   Wolf, Rifkin, Shapiro, Schulman & Rabkin
  Marlon Brando Estate v AIMCO   Brando Estate   Wolf Rifkin et al
  Paris Hilton v Hallmark   Plaintiff   Blakely Law Group
  Sandra Bullock v Toywatch   Sandra Bullock   Harder Mirell Abrams
  Gwen Stefani v Activision   Plaintiff   Kendall Brill Klieger
  Julia Child Estate v Thermador   Plaintiff   Harder Mirell Abrams
  Beastie Boys v Monster Energy   Monster Energy   Kane Kessler (NYC)
  Reese Witherspoon v Emitations   Witherspoon   Harder Mirell Abrams
  Bogart Estate v Ashley Furniture   Plaintiff   Crain Law Group
  Black Keys v Valley National Bank   Plaintiff   Manatt Phelps
  White Strips v Blaine Warren Agency   Defendant   Greenberg Glusker

Note: In most cases above, the advertiser used (or was alleged to have used) a talent's name, likeness, photo or musical composition without permission. Cases involving disputes between agreed parties to a celebrity agreement are very rare. If in doubt as to whether a use of music or a celebrity requires permission, always work on the conservative side and obtain proper permissions and licenses.