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Jon Albert - Expert Witness Information
Curriculum Vitae

Jon Albert


1966 University of Pennsylvania
1967-70 University of Miami
Major - Management
Minor - Personnel Management and Labor Relations

1971-73 Director of Advertising, Thunderbird Products Corp., a Fuqua Industries Company.

1974-76 Partner of B & L Productions Inc, Advertising Agency.

1976-2014 Founder and CEO of The Albert Company, now world’s most prominent supplier of celebrity talent and popular music for advertising. Company based in Los Angeles from ’76 to ’87, then Carmel CA. 38th year of operation.

During the 38 year period, have personally advised, counseled and quoted approximately 15,000 individual projects, which entailed an average of 8 to 10 talent/music quotes per project. Total, approximately 150,000 to 200,000 quotes, involving to date, 3,100+ individual celebrities and as many popular songs.

During same period have, negotiated, arranged and contracted about 3,000+ deals of every conceivable nature from trade show appearances and industrial film appearances to million dollar national multi-media campaigns. Included also are royalty deals, endorsements, corporate performances, local, regional and national campaigns, international campaigns, etc.

Some well known national campaigns include Jason Alexander/Intel, Loretta Lynn/Crisco, George C. Scott/Renault, Bruce Jenner/Minolta, Merlin Olsen/FTD Florists, Brad Pitt/Rolex and Sarah Jessica Parker/Nutrisse, Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up"/Ford and just introduced "At Last"/Maybelline.

Currently handle quotes and negotiations from several hundred different advertising agencies per year.


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