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Jon Albert - Expert Witness Information
In 38 years, no contract arranged by The Albert Company has ever found its way to trial in a court of law. This blessing is surely due in part to careful negotiations, preparation of agreements, and thoughtful and professional planning and counsel.

In the 'outside world' however, on occasion an advertiser, talent or music publisher finds themselves in a legal situation involving rights issues and fair market value issues regarding advertising use of a name, likeness, musical composition, etc. This is almost always due to an advertiser using a celebrity's name, likeness, photo, or musical composition, without permission.

In those instances, Jon Albert is called upon to lend testimony to either party as an expert witness in helping to determine and establish fair market value.

For use by attorneys using this site, there is a Curriculum Vitae of Jon Albert as well as a case list Case List, listing cases in which Jon Albert has been utilized as an expert witness.