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Client Testimonials:

Jack Bloom, Sid Paterson Advertising NY Just a short note to thank you for your tremendous efforts in putting together this talent contract. Lord knows what would have transpired had we not had your experience and expertise to count on. In these days of growing mediocrity in so many areas of business, itís comforting to know that there still exits a few consummate professionals like the Albert Company.

Don Dixon, President, Cox Lifestyle Marketing (Cox Broadcasting) Please accept out thanks for all the help you provided in getting Tom Brokaw booked for the Atlanta Journal Constitution Georgia 100 Top Businesses Awards breakfast. Tom could not have been more gracious during his entire time at the dinner the previous evening and the breakfast the following morning. His speech was on the mark and when he interviewed the top 5 CEOís everyone was in awe of how smooth he handled the interviewing and how much information he was able to generate from the executives.   The Albert Company came through once again!

Dan Gitlitz, Associate Creative Director-Nissan, Zimmerman Partners Advertising, Ft Lauderdale, FL
testimonial "Not only does The Albert Company help me negotiate great prices for the pieces of music we use on the Nissan account, they are instrumental in bringing me ideas for new, fresh songs. Karen Miller is a delight to work with."

Walt Mitze (from an unexpected note received by Jon Albert on 5/25/05):
"You pulled together the services of Tom Berenger for Quaker State motor oil some years ago - on a killer deadline and with great results. And despite my hounding of you for daily updates.  I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you again soon."

Felix Kent, Sr. Partner, Law Firm of Hall, Dickler, Kent, Friedman & Wood, New York, NY
"As Counsel for many advertising agencies, we have dealt with Jon Albert for years and have found him to be a man of his word."

Tony DeGregorio, Chairman and CEO Tierney / DeGregorio, Philadelphia, PA
"I have known and worked with Barbara Gans Russo for over 10 years and highly recommend her for important and critical talent negotiations. I can assure you if Barbara handles it you will be in good hands."

Connie Atkinson, Director of Broadcast Production, St. John & Partners Advertising, Jacksonville, FL
tracy ullman "I constantly call The Albert Company with questions about celebrities and the rights to music. They are patient, knowledgeable and can answer virtually every one of my questions immediately. They have saved me an enormous amount of time, frustration and money. Every deal they have negotiated has come in under budget."

Tim Denny, CEO, Davis/Denny Group, Birmingham, AL
"Music? Talent? These are not ex-movie biz music supervisors pretending to be advertising experts, or wannabes trying to be part of Hollywood glamour! The Albert Company execs are the pros and leaders of their fields. Period. I have put my trust in them for 20 years."

Timothy Turner, Executive Producer & General Manager, Circle Productions, Toronto,Canada
"Jon Albert is the premiere negotiator for the creme de la creme of celebrities in North America and abroad. Under his expert guidance, we conducted an international search on behalf of our clients, Evance/Rolex and H Associates, in Japan. The result was that we landed one of the most sought after stars in the world for our commercials, Brad Pitt."

Joe Rein, Executive VP, Asher & Partners Advertising, Los Angeles, CA
"I've worked with Jon Albert for years. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of celebrities - can get to them immediately and can cut through red tape quicker than anybody to make a deal for talent or music. He's always delivered."

Polly Hathorn, Polly Hathorn Productions, Atlanta, GA
"The Albert Company is my most valuable resource for licensing music and for celebrity negotiations. They save me a tremendous amount of time when preparing estimates, and their preliminary quotes are always accurate."

Rudy Perkal, Senior VP, Baxter Gurian & Mazzei, Los Angeles, CA
"Jon Albert delivered Willard Scott as a spokesperson for our HMO client. He did so in record time and with a deal that made us heroes in the eyes of our client."

Dan Martel, VP/Director of Broadcast, Jordan Associates Advertising, Oklahoma City, OK
"The Albert Company negotiated Leonard Nimoy for our cellular client. They saved us a lot of time and grief and brokered a tremendous deal. I thought they did such a great job, I used their talents again for a national celebrity talent/music licensing deal. They make it simple, pleasant and keep all of the negotiating professional and on the up and up. It has been a pleasure working with The Albert Company in the past and we look forward to a long and lasting relationship."

Harry Bressler, ret., Steiner-Bressler Advertising, Birmingham, AL
"Jon Albert is that rarity among 'West Coast types '- a straight arrow. He tells you who's available and who isn't. He quotes you a price, and you're going to pay that, or less. And finally, he is an island of calm in a sea of hyperbole. I have worked with him for 25 years, and never been sorry."

Scott Wolson, Director of Creative Services, Station Casinos, Las Vegas, NV
"I am writing to say what a great experience it has been working with The Albert Company for the past six years. I have relied on your company to assist me in finding celebrity talent, and working with Karen Miller, I have purchased the rights to numerous songs for commercial use. Karen has not only been instrumental in negotiating usage rights, but she has also been ready to make suggestions and provide me with many different options. I look forward to a continued and successful relationship with The Albert Company."

Jeremy Blaido, Director of Entertainment, Chuck E Cheese Entertainment, Inc.
"We use The Albert Company for all of our music licensing. Every project has been successful . . . we always get the songs we need at the price we can afford. Karen Miller really knows what she is doing!"

Neil Gillis, VP Advertising, A&R Warner/Chappell Music
"The Albert Company is a beacon of light and stability in the world that sits between the creative idea and the business of licensing that idea. Karen Miller is smart, fair, creative and most importantly, she gets through the process in a manner that allows all sides to feel they've benefited in some way. The Albert Company? I can't imagine a better choice."

Lori Amirshahi, Director, Account Services, PowerPact, Richmond, VA
"The Albert Company. A well-known name for a very long time, and that says a lot. Understanding the complexities involved with music licensing is a tough job, and Jon Albert's team works very hard to make deals happen for their clients. Having someone handle the negotiating process from start to finish allows us the opportunity to focus on the other aspects of our programs to make them successful."

Phil Payne, Exec. VP, Doe-Anderson Advertising, Louisville, KY
"We have dealt with The Albert Company on a number of significant talent acquisitions over the past 15 years and have always been extremely pleased with the results."