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  What says the most about who we are? Our clients, of course.
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the albert company is the world's most respected source for celebrity talent and popular musicThe Albert Company is the world's largest and most respected source for all Celebrity Talent, Popular Music Rights and entertainment industry properties.  From Multi-Level Celebrity Endorsements to  Popular Music Clearance/Licensing, The Albert Company represents only the buyer... and  is recognized as the foremost expert in negotiations, counsel and strategy.  From local advertising to worldwide campaigns, from on-camera celebrity commercials to voiceovers to major name tour sponsorships and every form of social media in existence; and the licensing of every piece of popular music ever written.   The Albert Company has been serving advertisers and their agencies since 1976.

There are no fees for inquiries, so do not hesitate to contact us early during initial creative stages. We provide insightful counsel and accurate estimates... in minutes or hours... not days or weeks. We work with you to assure talent and music acquisitions are productive and cost-efficient... and enjoyable.  Accountability and Return on Investment:  That's what you want.  That's what we deliver.
Since 1976, your full service talent and music partner.

Brad Pitt

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